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10. März 2008

Auszug aus “Fire Study”
Neues von Yelena Zaltana

Category: Leseprobe – Darkstar – 13:19

Fire Study (US-Cover)Anfang März ist – zumindest in den USA – der dritte Roman um die ehemalige Vorkosterin Yelena Zaltana erschienen. Die Rechte an einer deutschen Ausgabe von Fire Study liegen beim Mira Taschenbuch Verlag, ein Veröffentlichungstermin ist jedoch noch nicht bekannt.

Autorin Maria V. Snyder war jedoch so nett, im Rahmen einer Question & Answer-Session einen Auszug aus dem Roman zur Verfügung zu stellen. Ihr findet ihn unter “weiterlesen”.

Das Interview mit Maria folgt in Kürze!

The man stepped from the midst of the roaring bonfire. Scorched black from head to toe, small flames clung to him like feathers. He advanced toward me. I broke my paralysis and scrambled away from him. “Did I surprise you, my little bat?” the man asked. “Counted nine when there really were ten. Hot little trick.”He knew my conscience had flown with the bats. But who was he?

I scanned the surrounding jungle, looking for my backup. Leif and my friends were at the edge of the clearing. “No help from them, my little bat. They will burn if they come any closer.” I tried to project into the flaming man’s mind, but his mental defences proved impenetrable, a Warper of incredible strength. Running out of options, I glanced behind me and caught sight of my bow.The blazing Warper pointed and a line of fire appeared between me and my weapon. The moisture evaporated from my mouth. I tasted ashes. A wall of hot air pushed against me and the Warper was before me. “Fire is your downfall, little bat. Can not call it. Can not control it.”

My body roasted as if I had been staked to a spit over a giant campfire. Just when I thought I would faint, he extended his hands and a bubble of cool air caressed my skin. The break from the heat an intoxicating relief. I swayed.

“Take my hands. I will not burn you. Travel with me through the fire.”

“Why?” “Because you belong to me.”

–excerpted from Fire Study, MIRA Books, March 2008


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