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2. November 2012

Leseprobe und Infos zum sechsten Sevenwaters-Roman

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Flame of SevenwatersAnfang November erscheint in den USA mit “Flame of Sevenwaters” der mittlerweile sechste Roman von Juliet Marilliers romantisch-phantastischer Irland-Saga. Auf ihrer Website hat die australische Autorin das Buch nun etwas ausführlicher vorgestellt sowie eine Leseprobe gepostet.

“Flame of Sevenwaters” wird meines Wissens der vorerst letzte Band der Saga sein. Zur Zeit schreibt Marillier an ihrer Jugend-Fantasyserie “Shadowfell“, deren erster Band in diesem Sommer erschienen ist.

Hier noch Juliet Marilliers Beschreibung zum neuen “Sevenwaters”-Roman:

When Maeve, twenty year old daughter of Lord Sean of Sevenwaters, accompanies a skittish horse back to Erin, she must confront her demons. For Maeve carries the legacy of a childhood fire in her crippled hands. She has lived with her aunt in Britain for ten years, developing a special gift for gentling difficult animals.

Maeve arrives home to find Sevenwaters in turmoil. The forest surrounding her father’s keep also has uncanny inhabitants, including a community of Fair Folk. Now the fey prince Mac Dara has become desperate to see his only son return to the Otherworld to rule after him. To force Sean’s hand, Mac Dara has made innocent travellers on the Sevenwaters border disappear, and now their bodies are appearing one by one in bizarre circumstances. Mac Dara’s malign activities must be stopped. But how? What human army can defeat a force with magic at its fingertips?

Maeve’s gift with animals earns her respect at Sevenwaters. She bonds with her enigmatic small brother, Finbar, his druid tutor Luachan, and two stray dogs. When Maeve discovers the body of one of the missing men, she and Finbar are drawn into a journey where the stakes are high: they may bring about the end of Mac Dara’s reign, or suffer a hideous death. For Maeve, success may lead to a future she has not dared to believe possible.

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