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31. August 2014

The Impossible Quest
Neues von Kate Forsyth

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Wie neulich berichtet wird die australische Fantasy-Autorin Kate Forsyth (Der Hexenturm) am 18. September in Berlin sein (und zwar: hier!).

Vielleicht spricht sie dann auch über “Escape from Wolfhaven Castle”, dem ersten Band ihrer auf fünf Teile angelegten neuen Kinder- und Jugendbuchserie “The Impossible Quest”.

Auf ihrem Blog verrät Kate folgendes:

“The Impossible Quest is set in the faraway land of Wolfhaven. It tells the story of four friends who are forced into undertaking an impossible quest to try and awaken the legendary sleeping warriors of the past.

Tom is the son of the castle cook, trained to scrub pots, not fight. Lady Elanor is the daughter of the Lord of Wolfhaven. She has been protected all her life and is not equipped for a dangerous journey through the wilderness. Sebastian is a squire who dreams of being a knight, but has a tendency to fall over his own feet. Quinn, an orphan, is apprenticed to the Grand Teller, and likes to think she knows everything.

Wolfhaven Castle has been attacked by deadly enemies, and the lord and his people have been forced into slavery. An ancient prophecy says that four sleeping warriors are hidden deep beneath the castle and that, with the help of a spell, they can be awoken to fight for Wolfhaven. The only problem is, the spell calls for seemingly impossible ingredients:

When the wolf lies down with the wolfhound
And the stones of the castle sing,
The sleeping heroes shall wake for the crown
And the bells of victory ring.
Griffin feather and unicorn’s horn,
Sea-serpent scale and dragon’s tooth.
Bring them together at first light of dawn,
And you shall see this spell’s truth.

Hunted by sinister bog-men, led by a knight with a helmet of boar tusks, Tom, Elanor, Sebastian and Quinn have only the last gifts of the Grand Teller to help them – an old flute that makes no sound, a wooden pendant of a dragon curled around amber, a moonstone ring, and a wooden talisman of an old man’s face with a beard of oak leaves.”

Auch wenn ich älter bin als die Zielgruppe (10+), bin ich gespannt, wie mir der Roman gefällt.

Wenn ihr es übrigens am 18. September nicht zur Veranstaltung schafft, aber unbedingt eine Frage an Kate Forsyth loswerden wollt, schickt mir gern eine eMail und ich gucke, ob ich sie stellen kann.

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