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26. November 2014

Interview with Marissa Meyer about Heartless

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Cress (Lunar Chronicles 3)For German Fantasy Magazine “Nautilus – Abenteuer & Phantastik” I recently wrote an article about novels, movies, tv shows and comic books which play with Lewis Carrolls Wonderland. I also interviewed some authors such as Anita Howard and Frank Beddor on the topic.

Marissa Meyer (Cinder) is currently still working on her much beloved “Lunar Chronicles” series. However she already told her readers that there’s a novel coming up in Februar 2016 which tells an origin story of Wonderlands (in)famous Queen of Hearts: “Heartless”. Naturally, I also asked her for an interview on this, and she kindly agreed:

Interview with Marissa Meyer about writing a novel set in Wonderland

Is Wonderland more a wonderful place where dreams come true or a dangerous land no one should ever visit?

This depends on what type of person you are.

Alice was the perfect visitor to Wonderland, because she was so willing to accept the nonsense that she was greeted there. Sample the mushroom from the hookah-smoking caterpillar? Sure! Play croquet with a hedgehog and flamingo? why not!

But travelers who are looking for a bit more sense and predictability might want to avoid Wonderland… and they should particularly steer clear of the volatile Queen of Hearts.

What is the most special thing about your Wonderland compared to Lewis Carrolls?

I had a lot of fun expanding the world that Lewis Carroll hinted at into a complete Kingdom.

I loved building new settings into this established world–such as the Mad Hatter’s hat shop (Lewis Carroll only introduced us to the tea table), an eerie pumpkin patch with talking Jack-O-Lanterns, and a ballroom in Heart Castle carved from pink quartz.

I had a lot of fun creating vivid, detail-oriented settings that I hope will make readers feel as though they’ve been there themselves.

Why is Wonderland ruled by women?

There is a King of Hearts, but Lewis Carroll introduced him as something of a simpleton who constantly cows to his overbearing wife.

My forthcoming novel HEARTLESS actually delves into this relationship and the history between these two characters, and will explain (I hope!) just how the Queen came to be such a dominant force.

What compelled you to write a story about Wonderland?

There were two main sources of inspiration for HEARTLESS:

My Mom, who has been a huge Alice fan since I can remember, and has a really impressive Alice collection that I’ve always admired.

And one of my favorite books, “Wicked,” by Gregory Maguire. For years I was hoping that Maguire would continue his foray into the villains of classic literature and take on the story of the Queen of Hearts, until it occurred to me one day that – hey, I’m a writer, maybe I should do it! It wasn’t long before my head was filling with possibilities.

If you’d go on a trip to Wonderland, which three items would you pack in your bag in any case?

1. A book of poetry or nursery rhymes, as the citizens of Wonderland are so very fond of recitations, and unlike Alice, we aren’t usually forced to memorize them in our youth.

2. Plenty of snack food and water – the food in Wonderland is anything but trustworthy.

3. A gift for the queen… maybe some fresh-baked cookies. Because that is one monarch that I want to be sure to stay on her good side!

Thank you!

Marissa Meyers Website: here!

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